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How do you work?

Mainly just in a very relaxed way, standing back and capturing the day, all the nice moments and little details that make up your wedding.

At some point it's nice to take you away for a bit of quite time for the two of you and to capture some beautiful, interesting couple portraits that have a relaxed natural feel to them. Nothing too posed, just a nice little walk and explore of the venue and a few nice shots of the two of you looking your best.

I love details and capturing the style and vibe of the wedding. So all that hard work you've put into the details gets captured to look back on.

I love real film and while I mostly shoot with digital cameras at weddings I edit to give a real film feel and vibe. I also love using vintage lenses and use things like prisms and double exposures to make beautiful and interesting photographs.

Who is at our wedding?

Most of the time it's just me, Craig. If you've booked photography only, photography + highlight film or videography only. It keeps it nice and relaxed and I manage to capture everything just fine.

A 2nd photographer is available but 95% of the weddings I have photographed have been without one. If you are having a very big wedding or really feel you would like when then no problem at all one can be added on from my bank of trusted photographers.

Same Sex Weddings

I love photographing same-sex weddings and civil partnerships and have now photographed quite a few. So please don’t let the name be a barrier to contacting me and letting me be part of your day. I’m hoping soon to launch Mr & Mr and Mrs & Mrs sub-brands.

Do we need a 2nd photographer?

95% of the weddings I’ve photographed have been without a 2nd photographer. I feel I can capture the day fine on my own and it definitely has some benefits.

However, If you are having a particularly big wedding I would recommend one or just really feel like you would prefer 2 photographers capturing your day that is totally fine.

A 2nd photographer costs £500 to cover their wage and the extra editing time.

The 2nd shooters I use are all excellent photographers and run their own wedding photography businesses. No students who are learning on the job.

How long do you stay?

Typically around 10 hours. 2 hours before the ceremony until 9pm, 1 hour after the first dance is average. This normally feels right to capture the story of the day.

If you want us to stay until the very end then just let us know, there is an additional cost of £200 to cover the extra time and extra photo editing time needed.

Do you need a meal?

It's for a full day wedding then yes please!

It's a long day and I need to keep my energy up to keep going into the evening. Free soft drinks are also always really appreciated to keep me hydrated.

We don't need to be sat at a wedding party table though we are always more than happy to chat to your guests, but a table in the bar or in a breakout area is totally fine.

How long until we receive our photos?

The preview collection I get to you within 2 weeks after the wedding. The full collection normally takes around 12 weeks, this can be a lot shorter at the start of the wedding season and could go slightly over at really busy times.

We’re not comfortable in front of the camera….

Honestly, don't worry, most people aren't! I'm not! :)

I try and just keep it all as relaxed and natural as possible so not too much posing is needed.

If you want a little practise in front of the camera before the day then a pre-wedding shoot is perfect for that.

Do we need an engagement / pre-wedding shoot?

It's not vital but it's a good way to have a practice in front of the camera before your wedding so you're more relaxed about it on the day.

Also, they can just be a really fun thing to do, you get some awesome photos of the two (or more, kids & dogs are always welcome) of you that are different to your wedding photos.

It's also a great chance to chat through your day and get to know each other better so by the time your wedding comes around we are good mates already!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yep, all the insurances! I’m insured up to £2 million public liability. If your venue needs a copy of my liability insurance then just let me know.

Formal group photography

Group photos can be great, they can be a lot of fun and create some stunning photos that capture all the groups you want. I try not to be too cheesy, but I’m more than happy for you guys to have a laugh and be a bit silly.

However, it has to be said I’m not a loud bossy photographer. My strong point isn’t organising your guests and shouting off a list of who is next. I’m better at taking the photos and working with the groups once gathered.

So I just say this is a bit of a team effort, a great solution is if you have an organised guest give them the job of gathering who you need. I advise to keep the number down, often just the bridal party (bridesmaids/groomsmen) and the immediate family is enough for formal shots. Other shots you can just grab me when chatting with friends etc.

Can I get prints?

Yeah sure, photos deserve to be printed if you ask me! Nothing like actually holding a print in your hand and having them framed to finish them off.

Standard prints can be ordered directly from the web gallery and the order is made directly through Loxley printers. If you want something more premium and want art quality giclée prints let me know and I can order these for you separately.

How far do you travel?

Anywhere! The furthest I've been to photograph a wedding is Italy, 3 times! I do mainly stick to Yorkshire, as it's nice to be in my own bed after a wedding but I'm more than happy to go further away but travel and hotel costs will need to be added on anything more than a 1hr drive.

Can I get a wedding Album?

I love seeing the wedding photos made into wedding albums. It really is the best way to show off the photos and it’s lovely to create a physical object that can be shown and passed down through your family.

I print my albums through these guys, who in my opinion make the best albums you can get –

The cost is £500 for design, online preview, amends, print and delivery of a 10” x 10” album with 30 spreads and a choice of covers options.

What happens if your ill?

I would have to be really really ill to not make your wedding!

However, sometimes illness is unavoidable so what happens if I’m really bedridden and can’t make it?

I have built a strong collection of great wedding photographers as good friends who would be my first point of call. If none of them was available I am part of a number of photographer Facebook groups where I could post emergency cover posts. I have never had to do it myself but have seen people do it and they always get a good number of talented photographers offer up their services.

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