I’m pretty sure I have said this before but I do love a Victoria Hall wedding! You might think that’s because I can literally walk home at the end of the night in a few minutes but nope, it’s because it has bags of style and is just a cool venue that seems to attract couples to match! 

Lucy & Laurence are definitely one of those couples, just effortlessly stylish and really lovely to boot.

Their wedding was ace, the ceremony was sweet, we had a lovely quick little explore of Saltaire to get some nice couple portraits, some great speeches and then finished off with some really exceptional dance moves being thrown down. What more can you ask for? I’ll tell you what, the most amazing tiered display of marshmallows I’ve ever seen, that’s what 🙂 

Enjoy the gallery…

‘The photos are amazing we absolutely love them. Love the posed, natural and shots of aspects of décor etc, all very beautiful. Thank you very very much.’